Evanston Commercial Building Project Plan Moves Ahead


The “library parking lot,” which Paul Janicki Architects was hired to develop designs for a new Evanston commercial office building, has received approval from the Evanston City Council to be sold to a private developer. The next phase is for the building plan to proceed through the city’s Plan Commission. The public and committee will give input into virtually all aspects of the project design.

Current plans for the building call for an 11-story “Class A” office space with room for an estimated 500 daily office workers. The space will include an interior parking lot to replace the existing surface-lot spaces and meet the needs of building office tenants. Other building amenities include an interior bike room and landscaped terraces. 

The completed building will feature a glass 3-story lobby and landscaped front yard. The building will be made of a brick and cast stone base, with a precast concrete and glass curtain wall upper floors. 

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